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WHEN: Wednesday 6 February 1985


WHERE: Bordi Maharashtra India 


WHY: Shri Mataji calls on us to rise to the cause of Sahaja Yoga.


QUOTE: My life, My mission, My existence, My everything is for the purpose of emancipation of humanity.... This is My announcement of this new dimension into which we have to rise. And as in the war, we have to declare, "Now forward on!" In the same way, this is a declaration – in no way to degrade you, in no way to insult you or to say anything about any one of you, but to just infuse that inspiration which led thousands and thousands and millions and billions of people to sacrifice for a greater cause.



WHEN: Sunday 21 August 1983


WHERE: Surbitan ashram Surbitan London United Kingdom 


WHY: Shri Mataji explains the value of the Mother Earth.


QUOTE: Now whatever you have got from the Mother Earth you can give because your Mother Earth is awakened within you now. So you return Her back everything that you got from Her and give it to others. Generosity, the greatness of heart, nobility, forgiveness, love, affection, bearing, everything for love. And for the mother, to save her child, she will starve herself, she will do everything to save her child. Complete dedication she has for her child. That is a real mother.... What I am saying, that is the real image of a mother and you have a image before you.



WHEN: Sunday 2 August 1981


WHERE: Mill Farm Yetminster Dorset United Kingdom 


WHY: Shri Mataji creates a nucleus of Sahaja Yogis in England.


QUOTE: They will believe you much more they will believe Me. They will not believe Me at all. They will say I am fantastic. I cannot be understood, you see, so they won't believe Me. They will believe you. They will not trust Me, but they will trust you. They would not trust Christ, but they will trust you because you are one of them. That is why it is important that you should improve in all sincerity, in all truthfulness to yourself. Become a perfect mechanism of God. No reservations – there should be no reservation.... That is how Sahaja Yogis are going to form that nucleus, that great nucleus, that powerful nucleus, that tremendous source which is going to overthrow all that is nonsensical. It is tremendous. Believe Me.


WHEN: Sunday 20 July 2008


WHERE: Cabella Ligure Italy


WHY: Shri Mataji's last recorded talk, Her last words to us.


QUOTE: Many of you have felt the cool breeze on your hands and out of your brain. Some have grown in Sahaja Yoga, some have not. Some are still carrying on with old catches. But now I have to say that quite a lot of you can become gurus. That means teachers and you should act as teachers. To act as a teacher, you should know Sahaja Yoga, the theory and the practice of it thoroughly well and then you can become a guru. It is a very great responsibility, a lot of understanding for a guru.



WHEN: Sunday 6 August 1989


WHERE: Garlate Italy


WHY: Shri Mataji explains the significance of Shri Bhairavanath.


QUOTE: Bhairava always has a light in His hand and He runs up and down the Ida Nadi to make light for you to see that there is nothing negative.... To enjoy the positivity in every negativity is the capacity of a Sahaja Yogi. The negativity does not exist. It is an ignorance.... So today's special puja for Bhairavanath we offer to give us a sense to laugh, to enjoy, to have fun.



photograph is not from this event

WHEN: Sunday 20 February 1977


WHERE: Delhi India


WHY: Shri Mataji explains the creation of the universe.


QUOTE: It is a very difficult subject and I will try to make it intelligent for you, but I would request you to pay full attention for such a difficult subject like creation.... In many ages I have been living now for thousands of years and I have been working it out on so many human beings and so many things and, at long last, I have been able to find out most of the permutations and combinations of most of the human beings. And that is how it has been worked out in such a large mass scale. It would not have been possible if I had not worked it out in that way.



WHEN: Tuesday 30 March 1976


WHERE: Delhi India


WHY: Shri Mataji tells us how to meditate.


QUOTE: We cannot meditate. We only can be in meditation. When we say we are going to meditate, it has no meaning. We have to be in meditation. Either you are inside the house or outside the house. You cannot be inside the house and then say that “Now I’m outside the house.” Or when you are outside the house, you cannot say, “I’m inside the house.” In the same way, if you are moving in three dimensions of your life, of the emotional and physical and mental being, you are not inside yourself.

photograph is not from this event

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